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political jewelry, Brooch of Sugilite and Moonstone in Sterling Silver with 18 karat Gold Ode To A Border Fence



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Sugilite and Moonstone and 18 karat gold accent this fine Sterling Silver Brooch.\rThe great immigration questions that plague our nation. Divisive. Unclear, Unresolved, Unfairly applied, and misunderstood by most. Tools of the politicians. Scapegoat of economists. Sometimes inhumane, always inhospitable, rarely well structured. A three card Monty with human beings.\rHanging on the fence. \rUndeniably, we all came from somewhere.\rIn this brooch, Ode to a Border Fence, \rA moonstone sets as the solid gold sun rises. between is the confusing lattice of twisted wire and post. A cross, across, and under, the purple Sugilite of passion and love of all people as they cower beneath this new roadblock to their dreams too. A snaky shard of the criminal intent wraps that dream in uncertain shadow.\rOverall size is 47mm x 25 mm, designer jewelry

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