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hill tribe, Sterling and Hill Tribe Silver Flower Charm Necklace 18” Necklace// luluglitterbug



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Sterling and Hill Tribe Silver Flower Charm Necklace 18\u201d Necklace// luluglitterbug Metal ~ Hill Tribe Silver, Sterling SilverLength ~ 18\u201d* N O T E *This simple little necklace features an adorable Hill Tribe Silver flower charm suspended on a sterling silver chain.Hill Tribe SilverThailand Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry is 97.5-99% genuine, pure and high silver content, this purity make the hill tribe silver content higher than sterling silver jewelry (92.5%), thus easy to bend and shape into forms but still maintain its aesthetic, unique and very pleasing jewelry. Akha, Iumien, Lisu, Karen are all hill tribe groups in Thailand.Thank you for stopping in! Please e-mail me if you have any questions., necklace

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