Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue bead necklace, Multi-use Beaded Lanyard in Blue & Clear - Fancy Keychain - Double Strand Necklace - Single Strand Long Necklace - Professional ID Holder



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This is a PROTOTYPE of my silver-base high end beaded lanyard for carrying badges or ID's. Yours would be designed in exactly the same way with minor differences. You would choose the color and the base would always be a soldered link 36" chain in silver (I design one in antique brass which is also in my shop); the links do not open for strength and security. The loop that holds the badge and the sterling silver toggle may vary as well as the exact beads used for the approximate 30 beaded drops connected to the chain. This lanyard is 3 to 4 designs in one; the lanyard, a single long necklace if not using a badge, a double choker, or a 2-tiered necklace. You can also use the lanyard as a wrist wrap for a multi-stranded charm bracelet look that resembles the "Rattleshake" bracelets in my bracelet section. I design this piece to order, so the it could take 3-4 days to complete before shipping. I am happy to work on a piece for you without obligation to purchase as it would be a useful inventory piece for show. This piece makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. It was inspired by a friend's request to design one for his wife for Mother's Day., necklace lanyard

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