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Open Window Bridal Bouquet Locket Broochpin, Pinpin, Fleur de Lispin, Memorialpin, In Memory



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Open Window Bridal Bouquet Locket Brooch, Pin, Fleur de Lis, Memorial, In MemoryMy jewelry is created using pieces from my various jaunts to local thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and some pieces from my personal collection.This brooch is made with an oval brass locket with an open front so the photo can be seen when the locket is closed. The locket is hanging on a gorgeous vintage gold-plated "Coro" fleur de lis brooch. The locket opens to hold one photo under the lip of the locket. Please note the photo inside is for display purposes only and will NOT be included in your order. This would be the perfect addition to your bridal bouquet. As these pieces are vintage, they do show signs of age.This pin hangs approximately 2.5 inches from top to bottom. Please contact me with any questions., locket

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