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lacy, Tatted Lace Cuff Bracelet -Dark Doily



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I hand needle tatted this unique cuff from high quality black thread. The design began with an antique medallion design which I modified. Then I added another small medallion to the side to create a piece long enough to make a comfortable cuff\r\rThe bracelet measures 6.5"(16.5cm) long and the doily portion is 4.75"(12cm)) wide, though the lace has a natural degree of stretch. It closes with a black hook that attaches directly to the lace as pictured or anywhere you like to create different looks.\r\rThis bracelet may also be created in any thread color listed on my policy page. Other colors may also be acquired including variegated hand dyed for a nominal fee. Please contact me with any request you may have., lacy

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