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If you're looking to add a conversation piece to your outfit, then this antique Victorian perfume button necklace is it! These date from the 1800s and you can rest assured you'll not find many people wearing anything even remotely similar. You only get one first impression!Perfume buttons have the loveliest story. Made in the mid-1800's, they have an underlay of velvet fabric with a pierced, ornate brass overlay. The perfumes of the Victorian Era were oil based, and when used on the skin, would soil the women's clothing. These buttons were designed so women could dab their perfume on the velvet of the button, thus, protecting their clothing and carrying the scent for a long time. During the Civil War, women would give such a button, scented with their perfume, to a husband or lover going off to war. He would stitch it under his uniform collar as a reminder of the love he left behind. This pretty button is mounted on an intricate brass frame. The antiqued brass figaro chain is adjustable and can be worn up to 17" long by placing the lobster clasp on any loop in the chain.*Please note most buttons are one-of-a-kind (OOAK) due to the limited supply of buttons over 100 years old. Thanks for your interest in this heirloom piece.You may also like this perfume button necklace here:https://www./listing/174513768/antique-victorian-perfume-button?Happy customers said this:*** Just a beautiful button necklace ~ put it right on when it arrived! Thanks, Lorie, for your A+ customer service in lengthening the chain as well. Beautiful gift box...*** Very unique, and lovely. Can't wait to wear it. Thank you!!*** This is absolutely beautiful, and I feel lucky to have it. Also, it arrived so quickly! I'm looking forward to returning to your shop.____________________________________________>>> My aim is to give you jewelry that is totally unique, just like you., button necklace

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