Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Black & gold, leafy goodness! :)\u2022 Black plated circle links\u2022 Faceted black plated red brass chain\u2022 Brass leaves and beads\u2022 Brass ball earring studs, stainless postsMesures around 2.125in (54mm) from top to bottom.-----Noir & dor\u00e9, mignonnes petites feuilles! :)\u2022 Anneaux en laiton\u2022 Anneaux en laiton, oxid\u00e9 noir\u2022 Cha\u00eene petites feuilles en laiton\u2022 Crochets d'oreilles en laitonHauteur totale environ 2,125po (54mm)., gold leaf

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