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one of a kindTapestry Colorful Cloisonne Enamel Pendant of Patterned Design Handmade in California



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rainbowThis piece is entirely hand-fabricated only by me in my Penryn, California studio from start to finish.\u00a0 I was inspired to make this piece after seeing some of the watercolor paintings of my friend Katherine Gingrich.I start by cutting out a 1\u00bc inch\u00a0disk from a sheet of copper, then I anneal it, dome it, and begin enameling on it.\u00a0 The back of the copper disk has several layers of enamel (called counter enamel) to give the piece more strength and durability.\u00a0 The front of the piece has multiple layers of Japanese enamels, pure silver wires, and pure silver foil.\u00a0 Each layer (usually up to 15 total) is fired in a 1450 degree kiln.\u00a0 The design is painstakingly created from very tiny pure silver wires that must be transferred onto the metal and fired into place.After all the enamel work is done, the piece is stoned down (ground) to make it level and then smoothed back up using a variety of sanding sticks (like sandpaper).\u00a0 One last time into the kiln for a fire polish and then I move on to the setting.I made the bezel from sterling silver and pure silver.\u00a0 I've given the reverse side of the pendant a texture that I thought matched well with the design on the front.\u00a0\u00a0I've paired this pendant with a 16-inch sterling silver omega chain (it comes with the pendant).\u00a0 That's choker length.\u00a0 If you prefer an 18-inch chain, please select that option.\u00a0 The bail is wide enough to accommodate a wide variety of your own chains too.3095

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