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jazzmaster II pendula enamel earrings / seafoam lichenretro, creamretro, grass green



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i can't find a picture like i had hoped, but i had an image of a retro fender jazzmaster guitar in mind when i made these pendula. i love the crisp grass green and cream with the delightful retro seafoam lichen enamel. a portion of every sale goes to my personal jazzmaster fund--a worthy cause for my noise making and rock n roll endeavors, i promise!grass green, delicious lichen seafoam teal green, and warm retro cream white.pendula vary in length from 2" - 2.75" (5 - 7 cm). please see model photo for size comparison. ear wires and findings are sterling silver. disc backs are heat patina'd copper, huffalo stamped, and sealed with lacquer., grass

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