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trust jewelryTrusted Wax Seal necklace in Italian - Fidati - Trust necklace - 109



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trustFidati ~TrustedHandcrafted using the impression of an early 19th century British wax seal, this pendant features the Italian word for \u2018Trusted\u2019 surrounded by a garland of roses, which are emblematic of loyalty, love and faith.To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved~ George MacdonaldSize: 1" x 3/4" (24mm x 20mm)Material: Sterling SilverEach Plum and Posey wax seal design arrives accompanied by it's own meaning card, and tucked into an elegant jewelry bag ready for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizing information - it can be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alone. On some of the very small seal pieces the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a secret between you and those you choose to tell.Availability and shippingYour purchase will ship in 3-5 business days. Once shipped, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to receive your order.

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