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best friend gift, Sea Oats Eco Bracelet | Inspired by Nature | Antique Brass | Sea Sediment Jasper | Tan Jasper | White Turquoise



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SEA OATS BRACELET: For every bracelet sold, one dollar will be donated to One Tree Planted, a non-profit group focused on global reforestation. www.OneTreePlanted.comUnique 8 mm sea sediment jasper is flanked by beachy white turquoise (howlite) and tan jasper, accented with antique brass wavy disks representing sea oats. Finished with an antique brass bead. Made with high quality jeweler's elastic, secured with a surgeon's knot. Each bracelet comes with a small card featuring the photograph which inspired the bracelet, a note about the bracelets meaning, and details of the materials used.To determine the size of the bracelet, measure your wrist in inches and select the size at check-out. I'll add about 3/4" to the size so that the bracelet moves freely on your wrist. If ordering as a gift, an average wrist size for women is 6.5 inches and for men 7.25 inches.Will be shipped in a ribboned gift box within 1 to 2 days of ordering.Sea oats are tough, sturdy, deep-rooted plants that trap sand and help to stabilize dunes on the shore, protecting the beach from erosion. They also provide a nesting habitat for a variety of shorebirds and sea turtles, many of which are endangered.As a nature photographer, jewelry designer and avid gardener concerned about increasing threats to our ecosystems, I'm bringing together my passions with Eco Bracelets.Eco Bracelets combine semi-precious gemstone beads with Hill Tribe silver and antique brass to create wearable and meaningful mini works of art. They are presented in three themes: Garden, Water and Forest., beaded bracelet

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