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handmade, Carl Priolo Handmade Sterling Silver Frog Toggle Bracelet



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This beautiful sterling silver frog\u00a0bracelet was made by hand by jeweler Carl Priolo of Sofia Jewelry. It's been worn very few times and is in near perfect condition.The bracelet is one of the jeweler's signature style toggle bracelets with an adjustable length from 7\u2033-8\u2033, fastened with his lion head toggle clasp. This piece is still being sold at his Mill Valley, CA store for a retail price $385 (not including tax). You can tell that this one is old because the maker's mark is stamped CHIARA, the company under which he was designing back in the 1990's. Now this line of bracelets is called \u2018The Sofia Collection' and they are marked with his last name "Priolo." (See, frog

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