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recycled, Ginkgo Leaf Earrings from Golden Wine Bottle - Mother's Day Gift



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Mother's Day gift...These ginkgoes are made to order, inspired by Ngan and her exciting line of exquistite jewelry at envejewelry.Cut from the side of a golden amber wine bottle, copper foiled and soldered back together with lead free (silver, copper alloy and tin), solder with a copper stem and surgical steel ear wires. A panel of expert was assembled (Nik of lillyella.), to determine the proper dangle and other important tidbits.A former Sno-Daze finalist and Ingrid Bergman doppleganger from Rosemount High School tried on a pair, and after a rigorous stroll through the neighbordhood--dashing to meet a young couple walking a mottled mini-wiener dog, and much ear scratching, belly rubbing and flipping of aforementioned frankfurter--commented, "I can feel the earrings, but they are totally comfortable." Upon further questioning, she said, "Yes, totally!"If you're looking for a different type of leaf, or different style of bottle to dangle from yer own--don't be bashful about droppin' me a line to get the process percolatin'!This may be the next big thing--The No\u00eblle Line(inspired by the cajoling and prodding of xenotees.)--where nature, glass and metal dance in a different dimension--don't be the last person on your block to be a part of the deafening crescendo: order now! and don't forget the subliminals...matching cleavage danglers are sure to be barkin' at their heels!Each leaf measures 1" x 1 1/2" with a 3/4" copper stem...unfortunately, if you add all the dimensions together you'll be 2" short of a Fellini you'll have to add the subtitles!Shipping First Class Package and First-Class International Package...if you want it to go Priority, I can send you a revised invoice for the difference.I enjoy a natural patina as metals begin to oxidize in the scheme of things...silver solder lines and copper rods for leaf stems develop a lovely patina over time. In light, the pieces will present a dark solder line (I don't apply acid to the metals unless requested) and copper stems will appear dark with natural light. At night, the ambient light from indoors will give a different view, reflecting off the various metals., repurposed

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