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bead, Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Tube Bracelet 6.5" - 8" Inch Length



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This Bracelet is available 6.5" - 8" long and is made of Baltic Amber Round Beads & Sterling Silver Tubes, Sterling Silver Round Beads & Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp. Please note that the 6.5" length has a few more small sterling silver round beads on each end by the clasp to accomplish this length and keep the design symmetrical.Handmade in my workshop, Alice's Looking Glass Jewelry.Let me take a moment to tell you a little about myself. I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, starting as a hobby, selling at small craft fairs and to family and friends, but have been the owner of Alice's Looking Glass Jewelry for over ten years now. From the very beginning I have stayed with the idea that I would rather keep my prices lower and have many repeat customers than to have higher prices and sell less jewelry. I have always priced my jewelry to sell rather than sit in a display case forever. My prices are a reflection of a modest mark up, not low quality materials. You can be assured that the item you will be receiving is a high quality piece of jewelry made with only the finest materials. While I am located in Vermont, I have customers all over the World. Please feel free to ask me any questions about this item or any of my other items. In addition to the payment options listed below, we are able to accept credit cards directly. Please contact us for details., amber

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