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peacock feathers, Nickel Free Peacock Feather Decoupage Earrings



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These earrings are made for individuals with a sensitivity to nickle (which is in most silver). The hooks are stainless steel, offering a hypoallergenic earring option!The beads are Peacock Feather Decoupage squares which are very light weight.The peacock feather pattern is on all sides of the bead. It is a puffed square and provides depth.Above and below the peacock beads are faceted Czech crystal rondelles.At the bottom hang silver teardrop accents.Decoupage will hold up well under normal wear, but I do not recommend bathing with them or wearing them into pools.Dimensions:Length: 53 mmWidth: 11 mm*************************************************Thank you so much for visiting my store! All items are hand assembled by myself. I strive to find unique, fun, and interesting pieces from all over the world to provide you with interesting items here on my store. If you have any questions, please ask!Items may contain small pieces not suitable for young children. Please use your discretion when considering if an item can safely be worn by a small child., nickle free jewelry

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