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cycle, progesterone molecule necklace in solid sterling silver



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Progesterone is essential to women's menstrual cycles, fundamental to for women's health. Low progesterone can cause typical PMS symptoms: mood swings, low libido, anxiety, and fatigue. Its level rises around ovulation then drops at the end of the cycle as estrogen increases. During pregnancy, progesterone stays high, ensuring the health of the fetus.I never thought much about the progesterone in my own cycles until introduced to the revolutionary work of Dr. Jolene Brighten, a straight-talk doctor who is also your best virtual girlfriend. If you have anything but a pleasant experience having a woman's biology, check out her work.Balanced hormones are essential for health and well-being. This necklace is homage to the wonderful molecule that tag-teams with estrogen to keep us well throughout our moon cycles - and throughout pregnancy. This solid sterling necklace is based on the progesterone molecule. The pendant is about 1.5 inches (~3.8 cm) wide and is attached to a snake chain that closes with a lobster clasp. The chain can be adjusted between about 16-18 inches. It will arrive in a pretty, recycled paper gift box tied with a ribbon and include a little info card about progesterone.......I'm scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna of Made With Molecules. I hand-make original, high quality jewelry and use Earth-friendly and people-friendly business practices. I live and work in a solar-powered sugarcane shack on the flank of an active volcano in Hawaii, and I donate a percentage of profits to environmental and science education nonprofit organizations. Please take a look at other molecular jewelry offerings in my shop. http://molecularmuse., hormone

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