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sterling silverLabradorite and Opal Silver Drop Earrings Ornate post earrings



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sterling silverOrnate post Labradorite and Opal Silver Drop Earrings by Gem Bliss Jewelry. Textures and glowing flashes from these Sterling Silver pierced Acanthus dome post earrings.Daisy spacers separate the Opal beads of "Sterling Opal" lab created opalescent beads with a slight green cast.I have paired them with electric blue and green flashing faceted Labradorite almond briolettes 15mm.Earrings drop 35mm about 1-3/8".Sterling Opal is the name of these beautiful little true lab created synthetic Opal rondelles. The material used is a manmade product, these lovely beads have all the shimmer glow and sparkle of earth produced gemstones.The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has identified them to be the same chemically, optically and physically as their mined natural counterparts. The only difference is one is mined from the ground and synthetic is created in a lab.These Sterling Opal bead earrings wear well and require less care than other fragile Opals. Normal care, such as the kind you would do for a fine Pearl should give you long wear. Perfect for the October birthday as Opal is the birthstone.Ready to ship.Your purchase comes with a jewelry pouch and ribbon-tied gift box.

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