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Red Orange Yellow Quilled Paper Worry "Stone" Pendant Necklaceworry stone, palm stoneworry stone, pocket stoneworry stone, relaxation aidsworry stone, anxiety reliefworry stone, energy pendant



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A small and cheerful paper worry "stone" pendant in warm, saturated, and energetic colors: Red! Orange! Yellow! On a simple polished cotton cord with an adjustable sliding knot.This small pendant, measuring at approximately .875 inches tall by .75 inches at it's widest point, is made from tightly rolled paper in a red-orange-yellow gradient. It is slightly domed to allow a thumb to hold and rub the smooth surface. The act of rubbing with a thumb can be soothing and calming. The small size makes it a great choice for children, but should not be given to a child who might mouth it.The cord features an adjustable sliding knot, which allows you to slip the cord over your head, and adjust the length. The cord adjusts from 14 inches long at it's shortest up to 25 inches long.These are handmade, so please expect some variation in color transition from what you see pictured. Contact me if you have questions or concerns.The pendant has been sealed with multiple layers of a matte finish varnish for protection, but should not be worn in situations where it could become submerged in water or gotten wet. Please avoid wearing this in the shower, bath, or swimming.If you have questions, reach out! I'll get right back to you and am happy to help.All artwork, designs and images are copyright 2007-2018 by Tracy Belair Gaito | runnerbean, gifts for girls

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