Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Heyaunique, I'm the mystery dangles that want to be your partner in crime



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The origin of these earrings is a mystery. I don't know where I acquired them; it's as if f always had them, but that's just not possible.They don't fit any particular design history, either. They're flowy chandelier style, but with a geometric twist. They're playful, but made of refined materials: sterling silver* and cornflower blue glass beads. They are statement size, but light as feathers. I've kept them all this time because they're that unique, but truth is, I don't wear drop earrings. These deserve to be rocked. So, with great sadness, I'm passing these back into the world.In fact, I love them so much that if you buy these and send me a photo sometime of them accompanying you on an adventure, I'll send you a gift certificate for 5 bucks. You can use it, or give it away. Your choice, by giving these babies the whirl they so obvs should have.*The earwires are also sterling, weird

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