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blank key rings, Photo Key Holder with Glass Insert Kit. Create your own custom image key chain. 1 Inch Circle Center.



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Make your own photo key chain! It's easy and this kit includes everything you need to make your own using your own images.The 1" round center is perfect for personalizing. The Glamour FX glass insert is flat on top and flat on the bottom and is a perfect fit.- 1 Aanraku Key chain with Glamour FX Glass insert (flat glass)- Glamour Stickies (2)Makes 1.HOW TO MAKE:1. Punch your ink jet or laser printed image using a 1" paper punch2. Use Glamour Seal to glue the paper to the glass. (Avoid using lab printed photos and avoid glossy and textured paper.) Allow to dry. -OR- Use one Glamour Stickies to glue paper to glass, and press to glass with burnisher.3. Use included Glamour Stickies adhesive to attach the decorated glass to the inside of the key chain.*Glamour Seal sold separately here:Glamour Seal safe for Ink Jet Prints: used compliments of PIDDIX: https://www./shop/piddix, diy

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