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citrine necklace, Semi precious stone necklace with decoupage pendant: Flora and fauna collection



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Flora and Fauna Collection Pendants This collection is focused around these amazing hand-made decoupage pendants. I've paired them back to coordinating semi-precious stones and wood beads that highlight their beautiful details.There are 3 styles in this collection of one of a kind 32" pendant necklaces. Each has a silver lobster clasp and metal findings. Please be sure to indicate the "style #" when ordering.Version 1: Style #FF001a The Feather with Citrine Beads, Zebra Wood Beads, and Silver cast Metal Beads. - Citrine -... is the \u201cStone of Abundance and Joy.\u201d Citrine helps to manifest wealth and prosperity. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and optimism, helping one to overcome fears, phobias, and depression. Citrine harnesses the healing power of the Sun\u2019s warming, energizing and fortifying energy for the physical body.Version 2: Style #FF002b The Botanical with Carnelian, Dyed Wood Beads and Silver cast Metal Beads.- Carnelian -... is known as \u201cThe Stabilizer of Energy\u201d and the \u201cStone of Confidence.\u201d Wonderful to wear when speaking, it helps one to impart acceptance of life\u2019s cycle and restore vitality and creativity. It encourages steadfastness, personal trust in decision making. It invites harmony and calm in the home. Brings life-force and vitality to the lymph system, tissues, aids in the absorption of nutrients.Version 3: Style #FF003c The Jellyfish with Rose Quartz, Mahogany Wood Beads and Silver cast Metal Beads.- Rose Quartz -... is the \u201cStone of Power and Influence\u201d and attracts the true essence of love. It is the most important crystal of the heart. It purifies and brings deep inner healing, inner personal strength, self-love, self-trust, and self-worth. Emotionally, it comforts grief, soothes pain and it is considered one of the finest healing stones. It harmonizes the heart to the soul, providing pathways of communication to the higher self., boho necklace

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