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steam punk necklace, Steampunk Jewelry Necklace Gold ETCHED Pocket Watch RUBY Gems Large FILIGREE Mesh Rose Wedding Anniversary Bride Womens Gift - by edmdesigns



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Steampunk Jewelry Necklace Gold ETCHED Pocket Watch RUBY Gems Large FILIGREE Mesh Rose Wedding Anniversary Bride Womens Gift - by edmdesignsSteampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Necklace Vintage GOLD Pocket Watch Women's Necklace ORNATE Balance Cock, Read Cabochon Accents, MESH ROSE, Weddings, Anniversary, ELGIN Silver Guilloche Etched Antique Pocket Watch Necklace RARE TIMEPIECE, Wedding Necklace, Anniversary Gift, Pocket Watch Pendant, Women Luxury Pocket Watch Necklace, Mother's Day, Girlfriend Jewelry, Best Friend Gift, Graduation Gift, Fiancee Jewelry, ANY Occasion Gift - GORGEOUS and UNIQUE GIFT - One of a Kind Handmade Necklace, Steampunk Fashion at its Finest - Steampunk Luxury Jewelry by edmdesignsShop Home Page: https://www.edmdesigns. ~~~~** UNIQUE DESIGNS IN STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY **If you are looking for a knockout Steampunk necklace that sets you apart from the masses, then please take a moment to look at this incredible and beautiful design.This is one of those pieces that once I was finished I didn't want to sell it. I would absolutely love to wear this necklace everywhere I go. Okay, this drop-dead gorgeous necklace has at its core an amazingly beautiful antique Waltham gold pocket watch. This 100 year old pocket watch has a gorgeous gleam that will immediately attract attention. The American Waltham Watch Co. is deeply etched into the surface. **Note: I may use Elgin or another esteemed HALLMARKED watch company depending on stock, but will be SAME design and motif.....If you enlarge the photographs you will also notice that the large gold gear that peaks out at the bottom of the pocket watch. Very beautiful. Small details that make this piece just that much more special. I've SOLD this many times and each re-creation is more gorgeous than the last -- one of the beauties & bonuses to customers of designing individual One of a Kind Statement pieces. Yours will be near identical with perhaps the slightest variance. All components are in stock and EXCITED to design this gorgeous necklace for someone special or a personal gift for a loved on. You'll (or) they will absolutely LOVE wearings this! In one portion of the watch mechanism I've placed an ornately etched gold balance cock - check out all of the ornate scroll etchings painstakingly applied to this piece. On the surface of the balance cock I've mounted two deep red RUBY domed cabochons. gemstones The rich red color jumps to life against the sumptuous gleaming golds. Mounted directly next to the balance cock is a small brass dimensional wire mesh rose - this is a genuine vintage rose of which I have only a precious few.The Waltham pocket watch and all of the trimmings are SOLDERED to a large Victorian style TRUE vintage filigree setting/brass plaque base. ***NOTE: I have 2-3 styles of the same look and motif of the Victorian golden plaques that I may use, depending on stock as I sell to many private clients), but its equally stunning and you can see it in the last photo - the one used in the PUBLISHED shot - they're all stunning and the finished piece will be as beautiful and outstanding as what you see) that is elaborately detailed with beaded designs and snake skin style scales, all in a matching gold finish. This, in turn, hangs from a piece of equally vintage brass chain with thick, powerfully strong links. No worries - it will be BEYOND GORGEOUS and all "yours", with everything shown that is collaged into this One of a Kind Designer, Statement artisan necklace. The pendant measures approximately 2-3/4 inches in width by 2 inches in height. The vintage curb chain measures approximately 18 inches in length and closes with a strong clasp. Don't let this amazing and beautiful one of a kind original creation pass you by.I sold the ORIGINAL 9 years ago - yours will be a replica of the same, probably MORE beautiful....think gifts - think for yourself !https://www./your/listings/48029250The last photo depicts a similar edmdesigns necklace as featured in \u201cSteampunk Style Jewelry\u201d, the exquisite and current NUMBER ONE selling crafting book on jewelry, by Jean Campbell. Grab up this equally compelling, published-worthy design\u2026An excellent gift idea for yourself or someone special. ** FULLY TORCH SOLDERED TO LAST A LIFETIME - Don't Settle For Less in Quality **You can see ALL our NECKLACES here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460649~~~ Shop Home Page: https://www.edmdesigns. ~~~~NECKLACES and PENDANTS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460649RINGS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460648BRACELETS and CUFFS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460650EARRING Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460982WATCH CUFFLINKS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5268985VINTAGE LAPEL PINS and BROOCHES Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460658MONEY CLIPS Gallery:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=21315670ANTIQUE & VINTAGE GOGGLES Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5405892TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5248972~~~ Shop Home Page: https://www.edmdesigns. ~~~~*** PLEASE CHECK OUR OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE STEAMPUNK, PUNK, GOTH & VICTORIAN STYLE HANDMADE JEWELRY, TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS, TEXTILE BRIDAL AND VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK CHOKERS, SLEEVE AND SHIRT GARTERS, SKIRT HIKERS, STEAMPUNK CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES ***Copyright \u00a9 2005-2019 and beyond belongs solely to edmdesigns. The content herein, including but not limited to, all intellectual property, designs, materials and the selection and placement thereof in such designs, copy, text, photography, listing format and content is the sole and exclusive right of edmdesigns and its subsidiaries and any attempt to copy or reproduce any of such designs, copy, text or content, by any means, electronic, manually, visually or otherwise is prohibited by law and all infringements, intentional or otherwise, shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.Permission is granted for the use of images, text and content for the purpose of promoting the work contained herein in cases in which edmdesigns is recognized and acknowledged as the sole creator of the work in question.Meet th, steampunk necklace

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