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fairy, Sterling Silver Faery Fae Fairy Jewelry FAY051 Sidhe



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A very pretty little fairy charm with dragonfly wings\r\rDiscoloration is due to my crummy scanner/scanning skills, not the piece! :) Bailed for a chain or cord.\r\rSize: ~ 19mm high\rMaterial: Sterling Silver\rCondition: New!\r\rABOUT FAIRIES: Fairy folklore originated in Italy, where they were known as the Fatae. Fairies, or faeries, are known to bestowed gifts upon children and adults they are attracted to, such as beauty, wealth and kindness. Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') literally meaning "people of the (fairy) hills", is the Gaelic term for this mystical race of beings. Here the beauty and glamour of the faery folk is captured in Sterling Silver., faery

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