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american indian, Sterling Silver Post Earrings - Stamped Repoussé - Native American Navajo Tooling - Southwestern Earrings



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These post earrings have been hand fabricated using recycled sterling silver. The silver has been stamped using two handmade Navajo, Native American tool. The top, stepped design is a repouss\u00e9 stamp, which pushes the metal up from the back as well as imprints on the front. The bottom, scalloped design is an impression stamp. The result is a lovely, textured surface with several different levels. The impressions have been given a blackened patina, and the raised areas have a high, shiny polish. The sterling silver posts are soldered securely on the back and the earrings come with sterling silver ear nuts or clutches to keep them in place. The earrings measure 5/8" (17mm) long x 5/8" (17mm) wide at the longest points of the rounded trapezoid.Due to the nature of handmade jewelry, the earrings you receive may be slightly different than those pictured., boho earrings

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