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Divine proportion geometric hoop earringsgeometric, delicate minimalist earringsgeometric, small pentagon silver hoop earrings



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Divine proportion, small brass hoop earrings, minimalist geometric earrings, pentagon brass hoops Delicate small pentagon shaped hoop earrings - edgy, minimalist style - elegant and understated - perfect as everyday hoops! The pentagon hoops are individually hand-made to order. Each pentagon shape is accent-hammered to create a crisp sharp silhuette, with the added contrast of light reflections from flattened and thinner, round, surface segments. The clasp of the hoop is drilled for a minimalist look.Pentagon hoop earrings dimensions:h 2.4cm x w 2.4cmPentagon geometric hoop earrings are made to order, just pick the preferred materials from drop-down list) : 0.8mm round wire- raw yellow jeweller's brass- recycled 925 standard silver- 5% 12K goldfilled wireCombine with other geometric pieces to complement the look:https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=geometric+-earringMore geometric earrings from the collection:https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=earrings, small hoop earrings

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