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striped leatherJayne's Hat inspired leather wrist cuff



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red orange yellowLeather wrist strap inspired by Jayne, the man brave enough to walk down the street wearing such a hat.Or any fan of orange...Bands of red, orange, and yellow leathers are applied to a thicker cowhide for strength & durability, worthy of any big d'd hero. Each stripe is glued and stitched in place with brown thread for contrast. The version pictured is made with patent lambskin for the 1/2" wide red stripe, croc embossed patent pigskin leather for the 1" wide orange stripe, and butter yellow lambskin to fill out the ~1 5/8" wide band. All glued and stitched onto a thicker brown cowhide with brown thread for a very strong and durable strap--but still supple and soft to wear.The strap closes with a strong dura-dot snap, which has a coordinating colored finish & nod to the poof on the top of the hat.The strap is best suited for any wrist size greater than 5 1/2".When ordering, please select the size based on actual wrist size. The bracelet will have about 1/2" or so "ease" added for comfort. Please note pending size you order, you may not have an extra curve of stitching on the stud end.I can also glue leather over the section of the snap that is on the underside of the strap, if you have any sensitivities to metals.

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