Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



Custom jewelry makes perfect gifts for her and gifts for him. Make your celebrations extraordinarily memorable for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother\u2019s & Father\u2019s Day, graduation, remembrance, retirement, and \u201cjust because\u201d gifts.I am available to create custom jewelry for you or for someone you love. Bracelets for both men and women are my most popular custom pieces and I am happy to make custom earrings, necklaces and key chains too!Copper is the tradition for 7th and 22nd year anniversary gifts. Bronze is the gift for 19 year anniversaries. Brass and Nickel are for 21st anniversaries. Silver is for 25 years! I work with all of these metals to create great, custom gifts, not only for anniversaries, but for any occasion.How can we collaborate on custom jewelry if we live in different areas of the country? Great question! Below is an outline of how the process will work. Please read all of the following information and let me know if you have any questions or you may contact me to begin the process.1. We will have an in depth discussion about what type of jewelry and design you are looking for. We will also discuss materials and pricing. You may message me to begin the customization process or to ask about any questions you may have.2. I will then create a digital design and send it to you for approval.3. Once approved, I will send a direct link so you may make your purchase.4. When I receive the order I will begin making the piece and ship it to you when it\u2019s finished. Please allow at least 2 weeks for the creation time of your custom jewelry, after the design has been approved. Delivery time is typically an additional 3-5 business days.***Please note, all custom designs created by GaleForce Design Jewelry are the exclusive property of GaleForce Design Jewelry and may be reused, if applicable, at their discretion unless other arrangements are made with the customer. Custom pricing is around $140.00 for bracelets and $60.00 for earrings. The price could be more or less, depending on the complexity of the design, materials used, custom sizing and reusability of the design. Custom pricing greatly depends if it\u2019s a design that GaleForce Design could use again or if it is a one time use design. If the customer doesn\u2019t mind the design being replicated and sold on other pieces then the cost will be lower because a design fee won\u2019t be charged. If the customer or if GaleForce Design decides the design is not to be used again then design time will be applied to the price. Total custom cost will be discussed before work is begun on any project. Customs are not returnable nor refundable. By purchasing a custom product you agree to these terms.BRACELET SIZING: If you know the exact length that you would like your bracelet to be, based on other jewelry you wear, please let me know or send me the circumference of your wrist and I will help direct you to a size that is appropriate for you. I typically make the band length a little smaller than the circumference of your wrist and leave 1.25 - 1.5" opening in the back for you to slip over your wrist. You will be able to adjust the sizing if needed.My cuffs are fashioned with thick, 14 gauge metal and measure 1" W x 6" L and have a 1.25" opening in the back to slip over your wrist. They are adjustable and usually accommodate wrist sizes from 5 3/4" to 7 3/4" comfortably. Custom sizes are available. To ensure this will fit your wrist please measure your wrist. If you have questions about the sizing please don't hesitate to ask me. The cuff may be slowly adjusted, with even pressure on both sides of the opening. Please remember to leave yourself just the right amount of space to be able take the bracelet off without it being too loose to fall off your wrist on its own. Adjusting the size of metal jewelry frequently is not recommended. To put the bracelet on and to take it off, it may be helpful to do so sideways, just above your wrist bone, in the meaty part of your forearm.The bracelets come packaged in a gift box.See images for just a few examples of customs I've created. More can be found on my Facebook and Instagram pages., faith

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