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beetle, Real Sterling Leaf with Green & Red Scarab Beetle Necklace



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I love these real leaves dipped in sterling silver! Add a gorgeous real Scarab Beetle (Plusiotis adelaida from Mexico) and you have a piece of jewelry that is unlike any other! The carob leaf pendant is 100% sterling and was hand dipped in Israel. It measures 50x35mm. The attached beetle is about 26mm tall. He is a metallic shades of green with dark red stripes. Pendant comes on an 18" sterling snake chain that closes with a lobster clasp. Comes in a gift box. Care Card also included. One of a Kind. You will receive the exact necklace pictured here.***Beetles are surpringly durable. They are made to live outside, and are thus fairly water and scratch-proof. I have been testing their durability for over two years now with great results. Worn normally as a necklace, I cannot forsee this insect sustaining any serious damage. The wings have been glued shut, and other precautions have been taken to ensure the best possible durability. Please do treat this as fine jewelry, though, and store it in a safe, dry place out of direct sunlight. Jewelry boxes work perfectly for this. If any part of your beetles should become damaged within one year, please return to me for fixing or replacement. Beetles have been worn as bodily decoration for thousands of years by native Central and South Americans. Here's your chance to carry on that unique and beautiful tradition in the 21st century!, beetle

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