Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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\u2605 HookThe perfect earrings for anyone. RARE pillow cut Swarovski crystals in a beautiful custom color are secured to sterling silver posts. The color is stunning!! Its deep, luscious, Indigo with lots of sparkle (looks almost black in some light). So dramatic & feminine!! Posts are sterling silver and the setting is your choice: (see last photo) bright copper, oxidized copper, bright silver, oxidized silver, gold or no setting.(My recommendation for this color crystal is Oxidized Silver)I have my own pair and I wear them A LOT. Extremely comfortable and lightweight!------------------------------------------------Measurements:\u2605 Crystals are 10mm------------------------------------------------\u2605ALSO AVAILABLE IN:STUD: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/ComingSoonDANGLE: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/ComingSoonNECKLACE: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/ComingSoonRING: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/ComingSoonLow Shipping WORLDWIDE*Please read my shop policies for important shipping info!, autumn fall

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