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PALAU DREAM - Asymmetrical Genuine Seaglass Neckaceminimalist, Swarovski® Butterfly Crystalminimalist, Pastel Aqua Blue Greenminimalist, Silverminimalist, Beach Weddingminimalist, Bridesmaid



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.....Palau Dream.....I return to my lagoonClear waters cleanse me My spirit sparkles like a crystal butterfly in the blueMy eyes closed tight to keep my dream aliveAs the sea calls me homeTo my paradise once again.Sweet. Simple. Gorgeous pastel color authentic seaglass. Wow!This fantastic necklace is made with a beautiful light greenish aqua color seaglass gem, which hangs from a chain on both ends, and a Swarovski\u00ae crystal butterfly. The butterfly dangles from one side, moves when you do, and gives just a whisper of sparkle to this beauty.Choose your fav chain length which will fasten securely with a lobster clasp. The butterfly dangle is wire wrapped, and all metal is silver plated. The seaglass gem is about 1.5 inches wide and almost 1 inch long.It's all about the color!Ships in a gift box.Poetry by Mr.ArtisticDetour JCR100% All-natural Sea Glass....from the SEA.More sea treasures at:ArtisticDetour., beach wedding

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