Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized Name Necklace~Girl or Boy~Charm~Cord~Swarovski Birthstone-Heartwire,Crosswire,Flowerwire,Starwire,Peace Sign-Colored Wire-Children's Jewelry



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Any name, any spelling can be made into a necklace just for you! You can choose from 11 different fun colors of copper wire! (Please see my other listings at this same price for great pics of all available colors.) Receive a free 18" gold or silver plated chain, or a black Greek Leather cord with every name ordered! ...AND a free heart, cross, star, flower, peace sign, number(s), and/or a genuine Swarovski birth stone are included at no additional charge as well! Makes the perfect gift for daughters, sons, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandchildren, friends, anyone! Gift wrapping service included--Free adorable organza gift bag with every name ordered! After placing your order, simply convo or email me at the link below and provide the following information: 1. The name you would like. 2. What color of wire you would like. -Please see pictures for options: Gold (Chelsea), Silver (Heidi), Pink (Kylie), Purple (Avery), Magenta (Mariah), Red (Hayley), Blue (Dalton), Green (Sophia), Black (Joshua), Brown (Parker) or Natural (Luke). **Sorry not all colors are pictured here, Etsy only allows 5 pictures per listing. If you would like to see what the other 6 colors look like, please check out my other 2 listings at the same price.) 3. What charm you would like. (Please see pictures for options: Heart, Cross, Star, Flower, peace sign, Number(s) and/or a genuine Swarovski Birthstone. If you would like the birthstone, I will also need to know the birth month.) 4. What chain you would like. (Please see pictures for options: 18" Gold or Silver Plated Chain, or a Greek Leather Cord. I finish all of my cords with adjustable knots to make it easier for the wearer. The length is adjustable this way, and it looks really cool lol.) When your order is confirmed, I will hand make your name and mail it out to you within 72 hours.*~~please be sure to include ALL info when ordering so not to delay the shipment of your order.~~ email: [email protected] Not familiar with, or new to Etsy? Have questions? I am here to help! Call me at: 727-539-NAME (Please call between 9am-5pm EST.) I am the best at what I do, period. This has been my full-time job for the over 14 years, not a hobby like most others. I have made more names (over 20,000 last count), and have been doing this longer and better than anyone else out there. I encourage you to check out my competition and see for yourself who has the best reputation, and whose names look best. If the very best is what you want, you have definitely found it with enames2u. PaymentPaypal or direct checkout is preferred, but please feel free to contact me if another method would work better for you. Shipping I will ship anywhere the post office delivers worldwide. Once your order confirmed, I promise to hand make and mail it out within 72 hours for you*. To ensure that there is no delay, please include all the necessary information (i.e. name, gold or silver, etc.) when ordering. Everything is custom made to order per your specifications, so this is very important. A reminder of the necessary info can be found in the "description" or in the "seller notes" sections of my listings. If you have any questions though, do not be afraid to ask. I handle all inquires and orders from start to finish myself. I do all the emailing, packaging and shipping in addition to making each and every single item by hand in order to eliminate potential problems and confusion, thus giving all my customers the most personable service possible. *excluding sundays and holidays of course Terms of Sale Due to the completely custom nature of my product, obviously I cannot offer refunds. However, I strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will always do my very best to make each and every customer happy. If you have any questions, problems, comments, issues, etc. at any time before, during or after the sale, please let me know asap so that I can have the opportunity to address these properly. I want to make your buying experience with enames2u an enjoyable one, exceeding your expectations so that you will tell all your friends and think of me when the need arises for gifts in the future. About Me I have been making handcrafted name jewelry as my profession for over 14 years, and have thousands of happy customers all over the world. :) Below is a list of important things to know before you buy from be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. I feel very strongly that this is necessary, especially since there are so many sellers out there not disclosing this information. 1. I only use genuine Swarovski crystals for the birth stones in my jewelry, not cheap imitation crystals. Swarovski sets the industry standard for quality crystal making, there is no comparison. 2. I only use Colour Craft Permanently Colored Copper Wire to make my name jewelry. Colour Craft offers the very best quality colored wire on the market. It not only is enamel coated to resist tarnishing, chipping or peeling; but their colors are the most vibrant and look the best by far. 3. I only use genuine round Greek Leather for my cords. Greek Leather is the highest quality cord available. It has a consistent diameter; tight-grained leather; extremely flexible; saturated, spot-free color; no unpleasant odor; and a soft and supple surface finish. 4. I only use real gold and silver plated chains, not gold and silver "colored" chains. Even the base metal is steel, not some random other metal. Steel is the perfect base because it is the most durable metal, and because most people even with sensitive skin will not have an allergic reaction to it. Lastly...I am the only seller on Etsy that offers this high of quality at this reasonable of a price. My attention to detail and quality are unsurpassed. I have been doing this longer and better than other sellers, and my reputation proves it. Be informed and know what you are buying! I encourage you to look closely at my pictures, and compare them to other sellers' pictures to see the differences for yourself. Buy from an established seller who has a proven track record for customer satisfaction, quality products and excellence. Buy from the best! Buy from enames2u! Contact Me You can email me right through Etsy, or at [email protected] If you prefer to talk you can call me directly at 727-539-NAME. (Since this is my cell phone, please do not attempt to call me at weird hours, he-he. It would be greatly appreciated if you could try to call between 9am-5pm EST, thank you.), children

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