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Pastel Bluecable knit mitten, Pink or Lavender Cable Knit Mitten Necklace - Smittens



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A sweet way to let her know that you're smitten with her! \r\rThis listing is for a tiny 1 x 6/8" mitten shaped pendant created in a brown polymer clay with pastel blue, pink or lavender acrylic paint. The cable knit mitten is an original design and is created with a hand carved stamp. It is distressed and sealed with a clear gloss sealer. Due to the random nature of distressing, each pendant will be slightly different. The pendant is strung on an 18" antique brass finish chain necklace.\r\rThis listing is for 1 necklace. If you'd like more than 1, please contact me and I'll adjust the listing. \r\rWould you like a different color? Want more than 1? Just contact me with your custom request!\r\rMore Smitten necklaces are available here:\rhttp://www./search_results_shop.php?search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_85582&search_query=mitten, gift for knitter

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