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18mm silver plated bezel ring blanks with a cutout bandsetting, A99



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These antique silver plated bezel ring blanks hold a 18mm cabochon. They are a lovely ring and they have a nice thick band! These are adjustable, so they fit most sizes. You can pick the amount you would like to purchase in the drop down menu!The inner measurement holds an 18mm round cabochon. These adjust in size ranging from 7-10Lead and Nickel FreeI have shown an example of a finished ring using my 18mm glass cabochons. Here is a link to the cabs if you want to make some yourself!http://www./shop/bunnysundries/search?search_query=18mm+glass+clear+round&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search I have these available in antique brass, and antique silver, rings

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