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unique wedding gifts couple When to Reseed Lawn and Tips for Reseeding custom anniversary gifts
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Knowing when to reseed lawn can be just as important as knowing how to do it. After sharing tips for Simple Lawn Care for Fall, it may not surprise you to learn that the best time to overseed a lawn is now!

Fall and Autumn are the best times to give your grass a good boost and set you up for success in the spring and summer. Reseeding in the fall is better than spring overall.

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My lawn is in desperate need of maintenance after a long dry summer and having a dog…; which also brings all the other neighborhood dogs to our front yard. I swear you can almost hear my yard whispering “;UNCLE!”;

My husband loves doing yard work, so watching his beloved grass turn splotchy and dry pains him. You can imagine his excitement when I partnered with Grass Seed USA to bring you all the lawn tips you’;ll ever need! One of the main reasons I’;ve decided to work with them is because the best grass seed comes from Oregon Grass Seed Farmers! Being originally from Oregon and born in the Willamette Valley, I am very familiar with these farms.??How do you know if the grass seed you’;re buying is from Oregon? Just turn it over and you’;ll see it listed right on the back.?

This particular bag we bought is from Tangent. That’;s right outside our capital of Salem Oregon.

After you know when to reseed lawn in the fallunique wedding gifts couple, you may wonder why the fall the best time to reseed your lawn

Overseeding after summer’s heat subsides and before the first winter freeze allows you to repair seasonal wear and give your turf an eight- to nine-month jump-start on root growth.

The longer and stronger your grass’s roots are, the less water your lawn will require in the future. Your lawn will also be more resistant to disease and weeds. All this means your lawn will emerge healthier and greener in the spring. You can read, download and print this handy 2018 Fall Lawn Maintenance and Winterization Report. We’;ve got it tacked to the wall in our garage next to the yard tools for quick reference.

Lawns in the warm zone require few winterization measures, but for homeowners in the transition and cool zones, fall is the perfect season to aerate, fertilize and reseed any thin or bare patches.

Gently stomp it down.Water –; Water newly planted grass and frequently if you’;re not expecting any rainfall. You want the keep the top layer damp until you see the seeds germinate. Once it germinates, you can reduce your watering along with the cooler fall temps and increased rainfall.?

We are so eager to get our yard in better condition.

I’;m thinking about making one of those “;Don’;t Go Here”; dog signs, but I’;m not sure if the dogs would read it.

Now we know when to reseed lawn is in the fall! We’;ve got our work cut out for us!

Grass Seed USA is a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists with a wealth of experience is studying, growing and harvesting grass and grass seed. The coalition seeks to inform and educate residential and commercial customers about the benefits of grass and best practices for responsibility growing and maintaining healthy turf. For more information visit?Grass Seed USA.?Follow on Facebook.?

Simple Lawn Care for Fall

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