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unique wedding gifts couple Stepping into Summer – Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Using Bright Pink funny cushion covers
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Bright, vibrant and packed full of summer colours bright pink bedrooms make a real interior design statement. You have to be brave to use these bright hues in a bedroom, but the end results will be well worth the risk. As we step into summer, floral prints are big on the agenda and you can mix and match the size of the prints as well as the colours. Luxury bedding will give your bedroom a classy and elegant look which is perfect for modern homes; for a more country cottage approach make sure you include rose prints in the room as these are the classic flowers to bring a touch of summer into your home.

It has to be said that bright pink isn't everyone's cup of tea; if you like the idea of using pink floral pattern you can always tone things down a bit by focusing on using floral prints for your bedding rather than the walls. With the English summer weather always ready to spring a surprise on us it's a good idea to keep bed throws handy – they'll add interest to the overall look of your bed and bedroomunique wedding gifts couple, especially if you choose a complimentary colour.

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When it's hot and sultry (this may not happen often!), but when it does it's easy to remove a bed throw to help you cool down. To get the look without to much fuss and without having to completely redecorate your bedroom choose duvet cover sets with a white background and vibrant pink floral blooms as the pattern. You could use cheap curtains with a repeat flower pattern to blend or coordinate with the room, as well as dusty pink curtains to compliment strong shades of pink in the room. If light pollution or indeed the light evenings and mornings bother you blackout curtains are they way to go.

Pull the room together by using a variety of accessories with similar patterns, colours and styles which suit the theme of your bedroom. Rugs, bed cushions, and even a vase full of summer flowers will help to transform your bedroom into a room packed full of summer sunshine (metaphorically of course!). Throw your windows open, particularly if you live in the countryside, and let the aroma of flowers and freshly mowed lawns filter into your bedroom. Every style of interior can use these simple interior design ideas to let their bedroom step into summer using colour and beautiful floral fabrics and materials.

Having your first baby can not only transform and enhance your lives but also your home. The joyous addition to your family brings with it considerations of safety, practicality, enjoyment and education. From the coffee table to crib, parents begin to assess each element of their home to ensure their baby will be as safe and at home as they are. From safety precautions to fairy themed mobiles the adaptations are vast and ever changing as your child grows. This article however will take you through some versatile, practical, safe and fun ways to decorate your child’s nursery.

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In Today's post we're going to take a look at creating natural homes. This particular topic remains a hot topic within the world of interior design; more especially as many people are making a pro-active effort to think about where their consumer goods come from and ways to reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating as many natural products in their homes as possible.