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Hopefully, you have already seen our DIY family room makeover. We love so much about the makeover, including the new flooring, DIY family room makeover, the color paletteunique wedding gifts couple, DIY family room makeover, the art, etc. But, as I confessed when we revealed the room, I did not love how our 15 year old sectional sofa looked in the room {and some Apartment Therapy readers were more than vocal about our outdated couch when our room reveal was featured on AT–;WOW}. We also did not love how inflexible the seating arrangement was with the GIANTsectional. However, at the time, it was just not in our budget to replace the seating. So we waited.

It was worth the wait! We can up with a fairly creative and economical solution and LOVE our new seating. Not only it is a more updated look, we love the new flexible family room design! What do I mean by that? I am about to show you.

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First, here's a reminder of how the room looked with our old couch.

Here is our new flexible family room design featuring our “;new”; seating from Ikea! So much better, don't you think?! It opens up the room so much.

This seating arrangement ishow the room is set up on a day to day basis because it faces our girls' playroom, where our TV hangs. This set up is perfect for lounging and watching TV in the evenings.

What is awesome about our new flexible family room design is that when we have guests over, we can easily move the chaise lounges to create amoreconversational seating arrangement. WIN! How cool is that?!

I am so happy with the increased flow and function in the space. And the old sectional is PERFECT in our girls' playroom.

What do you think? Do you have flexible seating in your family room? If not, would you like to?

pillow covers farmhouse

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