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Last week we had a family photoshoot with Angela Richardson from AMR Photography. She was amazing and helped me prepare for the shoot in every way, from make-up suggestions to wardrobe consultation. We decided on a yellow, gray and blue color palette including this little dress for Quinn. It was pretty on it’;s own but since it was store-bought, I felt it needed a handmade touch.Loveunique wedding gifts couple, love, love these shots

Coincidentally, I was also itching to play with my new Brother Sewing &; Embroidery Machine, so I took the opportunity to update the DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip.

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In the end it was a cold, windy and muddy morning (here is Quinn behind the scenes in a cozy blanket) so she wore a gorgeous little denim jacket belonging to the photographers own little girl. The clip didn’;t show in many of the shots but since Quinn will be wearing this dress for Easter, it will make a second appearance! Read more to learn how to make this Monogrammed Clip.1. First I placed stabilizer and some bright yellow wool felt in my embroidery hoop.

2. Then I created the monogram art on-screen. An “;A”; and a “;Q”; with a fancy border.

3. I threaded my machine with some gorgeous Pacesetter Embroidery Thread. And let the machine work it’;s magic. You can also hand-embroider, of course.

4. Trim the felt (&; stabilizer) into a circle, using the border as a guide.

5. Cut a second circle the same size for the back.

6. Attach your clip or pin to the back. Cut a slit like I did below, hot glue or sew in place.

7. Collect your trims. I used a strip of silver tulle 2″;x12″; and a few spotted feathers.

8. Gather the tulle into a layered bunch.

9. Sew back n forth along bottom edge. Use thread that matches your clip for goodness sake.

10. Arrange your feathers or other fun trim and sandwich in-between felt layers.

11. Sew arrangement securely to back layer of felt. You could also hot glue. Hot glue hurts so much.

12. Add top layer and sew around entire edge directly over decorative border stitching.

13. Trim back layer of felt and stabilizer so it doesn’;t show from front.And that’;s it! Doesn’;t it add a unique touch to the dress? How do you feel about monograms? People seem to either love ’;em or hate ’;em. I’;m on the fence in general but this one really works for me. What do you think? Your comment could win you the PDF Art Caddy Tote from Gingercake.

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This week I got to play around with the new Mod Melts by Mod Podge.? A couple of weeks ago, I received a box full of Mod Melts goodies and was asked to share my completed projects with you!