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If you like this year's interior design trends of minimalist looks with the in vogue colours of 2010 using different shades of grey combined with white and black, the latest made-to-measure blinds in natural materials such as wood weave will create a stunning look to modern dining rooms.

Using natural materials and eco-friendly products are high on the list of 2010 design trends, the more you can incorporate within your home the better for the planet and the self-satisfaction of helping to lower your carbon footprint. New furniture designs are using recycled materials along with a minimalist look which offer sleek clean lines and suit modern lifestyles wonderfully.

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If you live in a more traditionally styled home you can still use eco-friendly materials next time you decide to redecorate or revamp your home. Use items such as wooden curtain poles from which you can hang tab top curtains made from linenunique wedding gifts couple, or unbleached cotton fabrics. The trend to have full length curtains remains in trend this year, as not only do they provide an elegant touch of refinement to your windows they are also perfect for helping to retain heat within your home.

If you live in an older house which has sash-style windows a good idea is to use a combination of thermal blackout roller blinds along with fully lined full-length curtains. This will help to prevent draughts and retain heat in your rooms. The use of curtains and blinds has become very popular, offering chic styling at affordable prices, cheap roller blinds are ideal for fitting inside the recess of the window whilst you can choose between complimentary or contrast in colours and patterns to make real focal points of your windows.

If you have stripped floorboards or laminate flooring during the winter it's a good idea to have rugs to help keep your feet warm! It may sound silly but if your house has a cellar unless it is insulated properly it is surprising the number of draughts that can find their way through the gaps in the floorboards! Are we all very aware of the rise in fuel prices and the cold icy blasts which are making our homes cold!

As such we need to do everything we possibly can to retain precious heat inside our homes, this not only makes logical but economical sense. Block up drafts where you can, make sure your loft is insulated to the correct depth and that you have window dressings which serve in both a practical and versatile manner. Don't forget front doors are notoriously draughty even those which have double glazed panels!

A great way of helping to retain your heat is to use a curtain at your front door, this doesn't have to be an old-fashioned style which may be reminiscent of your grandparents homes as there are a wide range of fabulous curtain materials online from which to choose! Image: Interior Divine

Make a cuddly version of your kinect with fleece and googly eyes! He won't be any help with your depth sensing projects or games, but he's really cute and won't refuse a hug. Materials needed: 1/4 yard of black polar fleece polyfill for stuffing (one small bag should be more than enough) black thread and needle 3 28mm googly eyes hot glue gun

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This jewelry pouch is very easy to make and would be wonderful for Holiday gifts.