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unique wedding gifts couple How to Give a Quick Boost to Your Interior by Including Patterns funny cushion covers
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In our last post in this mini-series we're going to take a look at including patterns as part of interior design. It could be said, and quite rightly, that patterns are everywhere and indeed they are, howeverunique wedding gifts couple, for the purposes of this article we're going to focus on using patterns on fabrics and soft furnishings.

For some the thought of including patterns fills them with dread – it may be a hang-up from the past where patterns were used on everything and everywhere irrespective of whether they created a stylish interior or not! In many ways it's a similar scenario to using bright colours, you have to think bold and be prepared for change if patterns are going to work in your home.

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If you're not accustomed to having patterns in your home it's wise to introduce them sparingly and as your confidence grows so can the number and type of patterns be increased. Spring is actually a very good time to start bringing new patterns into your décor, as we are naturally more enthusiastic in the spring to decorate our homes – a human nature aspect of shrugging off winter I suppose. Simple additions can include cheap curtains which have a pattern – the style of the pattern will be dependent on the interior design style of your home.

You don't have to opt for florals, stripes, checks and geometric patterns are bang on-trend this year. Patterned cushions and throws are another simple way to include pattern in living rooms, while patterned duvet cover sets or even patterns on kitchen blinds are subtle ways to get used to having new patterns in your home. For the more adventurous patterned wall paper remains on-trend this year, with stripes and small repeat pattern florals taking preference over last year's trend of large single blooms.

It's a good idea to use pattern to help bring a new look to your rooms, likewise if you've always had patterned curtains then why not swap them for plain and use pattern elsewhere in the room? To keep your rooms looking chic and stylish remember to coordinate colours simply by selecting colours which are represented in the patterns you are using. Pattern can also be used to make rooms look larger and smaller. For example vertical striped will draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of more height while horizontal stripes can be used to give the illusion of longer walls.

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