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unique wedding gifts couple How to Give a Quick Boost to Your Interior by Adding Texture funny cushion covers
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Today's post focuses your attention of bringing new and different textures into your homes. As we've already briefly looked at using different textures into your home in our post 'Be a 2012 Trendsetter – Play with Damask' amongst others, today we step it up a gear and look at including tactile fabrics and materials into your home not only as a cost-effective way to give a quick boost to your rooms but also because the use of texture is one of this year's biggest interior design trends. Tactile textures can also help to boost your morale and help to aid your physical and psychological well-being.

Think of stroking a pet and the calmness that offers, likewise when you see soft fabrics such as velvet may of us have an uncontrollable desire to touch! It may be a comfort thingunique wedding gifts couple, but if touching soft fabrics makes you happy then it would seem appropriate to include them within your home. We're not suggesting you rush out and buy a dog or a cat to stroke! - what we are suggesting is that you use these tactile fabrics in your soft furnishings.

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Add a variety of cushions made from different fabrics to your sofa and chairs, bed cushions and bedspreads uk to snuggle up to and touch. Opt for those which have a soft pile such as velvet, velour or faux fur. Take things a step further by choosing cheap curtains with a raised crushed velour pattern and team with faux silk voiles to give you a contrast in textures. Mix rough textures with smooth to give a room depth and definition. The use of natural materials is also on-trend again this year, therefore you can mix wood with bricks, deep piles in large rugs with satin or velveteen to exaggerate the differences.

These will not only look stunning they'll give you and your rooms an instant pick-me-up and a much needed face-lift. If you're feeling a little more adventurous you could also bring new colours into your home. As we saw in yesterday's post new and different colours are a great morale booster. We've also shown you this week that by bringing new fabrics, colours and textures into your home doesn't have to be costly if you use your soft furnishings as a starting point.

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This is my entry for the Instructables Back-To-School Contest! Please vote for me~! ^_^Thanks so much for all your support! I managed to place as a runner-up! :DWith the new school year approaching this month, and noticing that I often dig around in my bag for a pencil, I realized I needed a new pencil case.But the dilemma I have is that all the pretty pencil cases are very expensive, and all the dull ones break easily! So what am I to do?Well... how about make my own?This pencil case will cost you under $3 and a few hours. For me, it took five hours or so, but be reminded that I chose to hand sew my pencil case! A sewing machine will probably take off at least three of those hours.The only sewing skills you will need are how to thread a needle, how to do a oversewing stitch (also known as a blanket stitch), a running stitch, and a hem stitch, all relatively easy.A great instructable on how to sew:? pencil case I made is modeled after the Studio Ghibli character, Totoro. You don't have to make yours like I did, but with this pattern you can pretty much add any detailing you like. For example, I'm currently working on another Hello Kitty pencil case, and my first one was a Domo-kun pencil case. ^_^This is my first Instructable! :D