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Often when writing these blogs I’m asked by the big guy upstairs (no, not that one) to touch upon certain topics. With this topic I think he was reading my mind! Me and my fabulously beautiful but design clueless better half are currently in the middle of extremely tense negotiations regarding the future of our most immediate surroundings- in other words, we have bought a house and from the teaspoons to the tiebacks the bedspreads to the bath, we haven’t agreed on a single thing!

Being a qualified interior designerunique wedding gifts couple, with the experience of running my own- albeit small- furniture design company and due to the fact that I regularly lecture to at least three students a day (oh there are lots more than that in attendance but come on, how many do you think are listening hung over at nine thirty on a Monday morning?) on the subject in the local university, I will admit that I rather presumptuously assumed that she would look to me as a sage of design wisdom and just generally go with what I’d decided. This was not to be.

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So far what I’ve discovered in terms of the difference between men and women when it comes to interior design is this:

In all seriousness though, I’ve discovered that what is most important to women in interior design is not so much choosing things that adequately demonstrate to their friends just how stylish and ahead of the game they are (fellas you know that’s what you’re doing!), it is instead about creating a home that can actually be lived in. The feel is very important. Supposedly the emotional sex, women use their heads so much more when it comes to interiors.

They question their choices much more- unfortunately this in turn means that they question my choices much more than I’d like but that probably is a good thing when you have just spent £5000 on a Charles Eames chair and ottoman and decided that the best thing to do is to get another one to give the room “balance”- the only thing that needs balancing currently is my bank account!

What else? OUCH! Oh that’s right, women are generally better at, what’s that? Oh, everythingand they smell better too. Right, I said what you wanted Alex, now can you take your heel off my foot please (and your thumb off my head)?! No? That’s fine too.

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My 7-year-old, Elli, is in 1st grade.? This is the year her curious brain has blossomed.? She’s reading like crazy, writing notes and short stories on scratch paper, and creating elaborate games that she insists we all play together as a family.? She even plans parties and performances that we all must attend, down in the basement…..complete with invitations, posters, and costumes. Ha…..this girl has a busy little brain!

This is my entry for the Instructables Back-To-School Contest! Please vote for me~! ^_^Thanks so much for all your support! I managed to place as a runner-up! :DWith the new school year approaching this month, and noticing that I often dig around in my bag for a pencil, I realized I needed a new pencil case.But the dilemma I have is that all the pretty pencil cases are very expensive, and all the dull ones break easily! So what am I to do?Well... how about make my own?This pencil case will cost you under $3 and a few hours. For me, it took five hours or so, but be reminded that I chose to hand sew my pencil case! A sewing machine will probably take off at least three of those hours.The only sewing skills you will need are how to thread a needle, how to do a oversewing stitch (also known as a blanket stitch), a running stitch, and a hem stitch, all relatively easy.A great instructable on how to sew:? pencil case I made is modeled after the Studio Ghibli character, Totoro. You don't have to make yours like I did, but with this pattern you can pretty much add any detailing you like. For example, I'm currently working on another Hello Kitty pencil case, and my first one was a Domo-kun pencil case. ^_^This is my first Instructable! :D