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Here’;s how we made these adorable DIY Potted Cactus Easter Eggs, filled with HI-CHEW of course.

Step 1 –; Stuff an assortment of plastic eggs in shades of aqua and green with HI-CHEW candy. I love that they won’;t melt out in the sun like chocolate.

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Step 2 –; Glue pieces of craft moss or grass around the edge of tiny terra cotta pots with a glue gun. You could also fill the pots with shredded paper or basket grass.

Step 3 –; Wrap rubber bands around eggs to create a guide for painting. We used kelly green all-surface craft paint to paint a stripe along each of the 6 guides and then painted a freehand stripe down the center of each segment.

Step 4- Use the head of a straight pin to add dots of white down the rows between the stripes. You can see that perfection is not necessary for this project.

Step 5 –; Once dryunique wedding gifts couple, place the egg in the pot, pointy side down, and hot glue a small silk or paper flower to the top.

This post is sponsored by HI-CHEW. My very positive opinion about this sensationally chewy fruit candy (especially the grape) is my own.




I use fabric from discarded jeans to make messenger bags. I take them completely apart and use all the fabric.

Everyone has them, the jeans that would otherwise be perfect if they didn’t “gap out” at the back of the waist. The thighs fit great, and they are the right length, but the waist doesn’t fit and the next size down is too small. I get it, and this is how I fixed that problem with only two seams!

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