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While I’m away attending and speaking at the BlogHer Conference (who’s idea was that anyway?) I’ve got an amazing team of bloggers who are willing to hold down the fort! Today’s Post:?DIY Chapstick Key Chain Holder by Amber from Crazy Little Projects. I am a chapstick nut! I HAVE to put it on in the car right after I put my seat belt on. I have it stashed by my bedside, my desk, my purseunique wedding gifts couple, my gym bag. Can’;t live without it, so this chapstick key chain looks perfect for me!

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Hello hello! This is Amber from over at Crazy Little Projects happy to be guest posting today at Today’;s Creative Life. This month on Crazy Little Projects I am featuring a bunch of very easy sewing projects-like make it in under 10 minutes easy! Can’;t beat that right? I’;ve got a Kid’;s Belt and a 2 seam skirt so far, with more coming, so if you like easy sewing projects, come on over and join me!

Today I am giving you something so simple, anyone with basic beginner sewing skills should be able to do this! It’;s a Keychain Chapstick Holder:

Keep this handy thing on your keychain so that your chapstick or lip balm or lipstick is always ready for you!

Supplies Needed:


And you’;re done!

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