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We loved reading the entries for our Sock Monkey Crib Bedding set contest and had such a hard time choosing the winner!? I am always amazed by children’s imaginations and it’s even more thrilling when an everyday item brings joy to your little one (and family). Thank you so much to all of you for entering our contest and sharing your adorable stories.

Congratulations to our winner … Dorena Palmer!? Her youngest son is creative and inspirational!? Dorena will receive a 4-piece Sock Monkey Crib Bedding?crib bedding set!

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Dorena’s entry:

My youngest son has an incredible imagination!! He loves to turn boxes in to forts and castles. We usually have an abundance of boxes around our house and we enjoy spending hours taping 4-5 boxes together, gluing on art and of course coloring and painting the inside and outside. His forts get so big both he and I can sit in them and play. The best part about this playtime together is that even though my son is 5 years old, he attempts to include his older brother in with us. My oldest son is disabled and unable to talk or walk. What we do is gather all of our materials together and go into big brothers room; build our fort, and make sure that we are close enough to brothers bed so he is able to reach it {he is immobile- but enjoys banging his hand against Hayden’;s forts and ‘;beating it up’; as we say.} I will cut windows into the boxes so that we can play peek-a boo with Tate as well. Its time with my boys that I will always cherish and hope that when little brother comes {I’;m due in March} , that we will carry this play time over for all of us to enjoy! =)

Having your first baby can not only transform and enhance your lives but also your home. The joyous addition to your family brings with it considerations of safety, practicality, enjoyment and education. From the coffee table to crib, parents begin to assess each element of their home to ensure their baby will be as safe and at home as they are. From safety precautions to fairy themed mobiles the adaptations are vast and ever changing as your child grows. This article however will take you through some versatile, practical, safe and fun ways to decorate your child’s nursery.

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