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For anyone currently looking for a workable alternative to curtains and nets, blinds are a widely varied and user-friendly solution. However, with so many types and styles currently flooding the market, it can be difficult to decide which type of blinds to choose.

Aluminium Venetian blinds are the perfect way to maintain some privacy while still allowing light to enter a space, making them perfect for overlooked residential properties or glass partition office spaces. The horizontal slats are controlled by a louver system which allows them to be turned to any angleunique wedding gifts couple, giving complete control over the amount of light entering the room.

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?Not only are aluminium Venetian blinds highly functional, they are also extremely desirable on a purely decorative level. Their sharp edged linear qualities and cool metallic finish make them the perfect choice in the modern home. Fans of the minimal will love them for their unfussy appearance.

?? For a cool industrial look, aluminium blinds are perfect. They add a chic sophistication to any room and are perfect for those wanting to recreate anything from the NY city loft apartment to the West End warehouse look. Even if you are simply looking for quick and easy way to update the window dressings of your suburban semi, Venetian blinds are a little piece of cost effective cutting edge that will keep your home looking bang up to date.

?Being durable long lasting and oh-so easy to clean and maintain, metal blinds are a handy option for those with youngsters or pets in the family, and also for busy workplaces. They require minimal upkeep and can be quickly wiped down or drawn up to allow access to the window when it needs a little cleaning.

Once a favourite in the offices of?1980s stockbrokers throughout the land, aluminium blinds can be used to add a little retro chic to your home office or library as they really do add professional air in a way no other window treatments can.

It’s a worrying thought that we can now refer to the eighties as retro but if you do want to really go for some “circa ’85 yuppie” ambience you should choose a black and red colour scheme and add more chrome, aluminium and leather details than you would ordinarily be comfortable with. Full marks to you if you do pull it off with complete authenticity and a bonus point to anyone who can actually study/work for more than half an hour without breaking into a worryingly faithful rendition of Wild Boys!

For a more subtle and inexpensive way to use your aluminium blinds as inspiration for that wonderful decade is by simply adding a lick of white paint to your walls, stripping back your carpet to reveal the original floor boards, sanding then staining the boards then hanging some oversized and brightly coloured canvases to your wall space. Extra details like cheap bed linen can also be added if you wish.

?Aluminium Venetian blinds are an apt choice for the modern lifestyle; surprisingly versatile, they are both practical and contemporary and can easily hung within minutes, needing no expertise or outlay on a professional, they give instant gratification and will prove to be a shrewd buy as years go by.

There are a lot of things to think about as a new mom, and whether to breast or bottle feed your baby is one of those important choices. Although experts agree that “breast is best,” it’s not always an option for everyone. If you need to feed your infant formula instead, you’ll want to ensure that you pick one that’s easy to digest and filled with nutrients that mimic breast milk to help your baby grow up happy and healthy.

We tend to think of home offices as something new, however, they've been around for decades with mansions and large stately homes having impressive, and often oppressive, offices filled with enormous oak desks, leather chairs and all the grandiose of the wealthy.