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There are certain terms you’ll hear plenty of times at Sheridan, and one of them is a weave. A few of our favourites are sateen, matelassé and plain weaves, but what do these actually mean?

We want you to understand the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each of these weaves, so when we say cotton sateen, or matelassé you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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Sateen weaves

The name says it all with our sateen weaves, luxuriously soft and silky to touchcustom wedding gifts, this weave is all about the hand-feel and sheen finish.

Going into the finer details, cotton sateen weaves are created by the vertically facing warp (threads) passing over four horizontally facing weft threads, before being interlaced again.

Put simply, the result is a soft, hand touch with a smooth, lustrous surface. This weaving technique improves the fabric strength by 25%, making it a durable option whilst not losing its beautiful lustre finish.

Matelassé weaves

Our complex matelassé weave has become somewhat a signature. The fine craftsmanship that goes into this weave is incomparable. Matelassé is a French word, and translates to quilted and patterned. Pronounced ma-te-lassé, it’s just as indulgent as it sounds.

With its roots in Portugal, matelassé weaves are crafted in family-run mills whose heritage spans generations. Our Master Weavers and in-house artists work with highly experienced Portuguese mills to craft the weave. Using a double cloth construction, these small mills create a highly textural, 3D quilted effect, resulting in a fusion of old heritage designs and modern innovation.

Our matelassé weaves are a perfect heirloom to pass down to your children. Sturdy and soft, constructed with care – it’s an ode to our dedication to technical perfection.

(Not so) plain weaves

Its name may surprise you, our plain weave is more than meets the eye. Recognised by its checkerboard appearance, it is crafted by yarn interlacing’s overlocking one another. Our plain weaves are a simple craft, the fastest to create on the loom and require the least amount of yarn.

The appearance of the plain weave is typically the same on the front and reverse, with its even and consistent design, ideal for printing beautiful patterns on. Put simply, the construction is ‘over, under, over, under,’ resulting in exceptionally low pilling.

If you’ve ever heard us speak of Percale, this falls under the bracket of a plain weave. The closely woven fabric uses fine threads and is praised for its hand feel and durability.

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