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custom wedding gifts Stepping into 2013 with the Latest Interior Design Trends – Ice Cream Colours funny cushion covers
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As the name suggests this year colour is being embraced across all fronts and if you don't like bright primary colours or are fed-up with soft pastels ice cream colour palettes are the way to go. Bright enough to get your interior design taste buds tingling and yet sufficiently subdued to use in any room of your home ice cream colours are set to be one of this years biggest trends. If you're struggling to see how these delicious colours can work in your home take a glance at the ice cream stands to see that these colours don't have to be pale and wishy-washy, they're packed full of intensity and broad enough to cover any colour you can possibly think of.

Furthermore, ice cream colours can be blended to make unique colour combinations that fit in with, or help bring a fresh new look to your existing décor. From the more classical raspberry ripples to the latest chocolate mocha and pistachio ice cream full of depth you can mix and match to your heart's content to make the colours work for you. Just because they're ice cream colours they don't have to be cold and uninvitingcustom wedding gifts, far from it, these luscious colours can be used as your main colour or as accents and look gorgeous.

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The first thing to consider is your favourite ice cream flavour and then work this into your home. Soft furnishings are a great way to make the change gradual, once you've become accustom to the new look you can add more if you need to. We mustn't forget that you can also have a mixture of colours, in the same way as you can have scoops of different ice creams on the same cone. Mixing vanilla with coffee and chocolate will provide you with a new take on the classical brown colour combinations. Likewise, choose the brighter colours and tone them down with a more subdued toffee or fudge – whichever colours you choose you'll also be able to add a touch of flamboyancy by adding extra toppings!

Choose fabrics in ice cream colours to make cushions, curtains and Roman blinds, you can opt for plain fabrics rather than those with ice cream cones as a pattern, although they will look superb in a kitchen or dining room. In bedrooms go for plain white curtains and then use your ice cream colours for duvet covers, throws, cushions and floor rugs. With so many scrumptious colours to choose from using ice cream shades is a great way to bring a touch of summer style to your home all year long.

Hi, I’m Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and all the pink, red, and sweets, I was inspired to create this easy table runner that would look great on a table, make a fantastic bed runner, or perhaps, use the appliquéd blocks individually to make a few quick pillows!

Not everything in California is Hollywood bound and the flavour of ranches and vineyards, can leave one spellbound. For a different type of flair in the bedroom, choose sparse and friendly. Strong, well-defined colours plus welcomed privacy, will hit the spot after a long day on the country trail.