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custom wedding gifts Stepping into 2013 with the Latest Interior Design Trends – Cottage Crafts funny cushion covers
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Cottage crafts are nothing new, however, this year they're forecast to become even more important within home décor. This doesn't mean that you have to get your knitting or sewing needles out and start your own cottage industrycustom wedding gifts, what is does mean is that you should look for hand-crafted objects to fill your home. Soft furnishings have long been an integral part of any home and while the trend for hand-crafted continues to rise we mustn't forget that many of these crafts are handed down through the generations and many require a modicum of skill to get the look right.

If you've never tried your hand at making your own soft furnishings it's fair to say that you shouldn't be too ambitious to begin with. Start by choosing fabrics which co-ordinate or compliment your décor and make cushions in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The more adept you become the more adventurous you can be. Look for embellishments as well, especially if you're a beginner – you can sew or glue embellishments to your existing cushions to give them a hand-crafted look. Making your own blinds and curtains is a great way to hone your sewing skills.

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With some gorgeous fabrics available online you'll have a wide range of superb colours and patterns to choose from. If you want the hand-crafted look but don't have the time, skills or inclination to make your own it's easy to go down the ready made route. There's plenty of ready made roman blinds or ready made curtains online to suit your décor and the style of your home. Either of these window dressings can be given a few embellishments to make them a great go-between ready made and hand-crafted.

The 'sewing bug' may not have bitten you, however, there's plenty of other ways to introduce hand-crafted into your home – hand-made display objects and art work can look stunning and with no limits on your own individual style, anything goes when it comes to art work for walls or display. Of course it's worth trying to get a professional finish but it's not imperative. Framing photographs, pressing and displaying flowers count towards hand-crafted – get the family involved and you'll soon have a home that packed full of individualism and unique pieces you can proudly call your own.

There we were, on a dreary, frosty morning last January, gathered around a conference room table brainstorming our Winter 2016 catalog when one recurring theme just kept resurfacing: hope. Hope that winter will end. Hope for sunshine and warmth. Hope for blossoming color.

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