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custom wedding gifts Stepping Into Autumn - Getting Inspired by Autumnal Colours funny cushion covers
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The sun is beginning to lose its strength, the heady warm days of summer maybe drawing to a closecustom wedding gifts, but that doesn't mean you have to prepare for hibernation. Be inspired by the season and give your home one of this year's biggest interior design trends 'bringing nature inside your home' by using the rich colours of autumn.

Our last post on the subject, 10 Home Decor Words You’re Probably Mispronouncing, spurred quite a bit of conversation, and many of you asked for more. So here are 10 more home decor words you just might be mispronouncing. No worries, though. They’ll be rolling off your tongue in no time — and you’ll impress even your most highbrow friends.

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I recently made/remade my wedding dress. I highly recommend a dress form for a project like this. I started without one and quickly learned (I'm talking 5 minutes in, quickly) that it was pretty important. A wedding gown has quite a bit going on and it's easy for non-seamstress like myself to get positively confused in an instant.

Have you noticed all of the round bags popping up everywhere lately? If you’d like to make your own I’ve created a round bag sewing pattern called the Alice Bag. Today I’m going to be answering some of your most frequently asked questions about sewing the bag.?