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Head Designer Mark Travers talks us through the process of creating our most luxurious bed linen collections in metallic hues this season.

I feel as a designer, having worked in this discipline for some time now that I can say that there is no “process” for selecting new colours.

sofa pillow covers

It’s in the Zeitgeist. It’s all around you. It can’t be taught and if you use your experience and stay alert and keep still, the new colours will find you.

One day you might notice that the heels of a pair of shoes are gilded and that handbags are being over-decorated with chains and mesh.

Then somewhere else, a group of models come down a catwalk wearing masks of fine metallic mesh. Is this a reference to the armour worn by the medieval knights?

Then metallic yarns and threads suddenly appear woven into fabrics both for the winter in pure wool weights and then living on into the next season, in lightweight cottons and chiffon.

Then the shine and glinting reflection of metals is everywhere. And we can finally speak about it as a “trend”.

Palais Bed Collection

Embellishing fabrics by weaving or stitching with real metallic silver or gold thread has a long historycustom wedding gifts, going back to before medieval times, to the Romans and even the Greeks.

Unfortunately, nowadays we can’t use real silver or gold, but we have our modern techniques to give us the complete and more practical illusion.

Palais Bed Collection, Christobel Sham

Palais has been stitched in a shimmering metallic-like silver thread adding a new dimension of luxury to our classic bed. Then there is a new design called Westell, developed in the mills in Portugal, which uses a fine, silver thread to weave a geometric pattern of triangles and diamonds in glimmering silver.

Westall Bed Collection

The colours of precious metals and even what used to be called ‘everyday’ metals, like bronze and pewter, also inspired an underlying colour base that has worked its way through fashion and into the home.

Millennia Bed Collection

Millennia makes its appearance this winter saturated in a soft, lustrous grey called Storm, reminiscent of the well-worn pewter vessels of times gone past. With its matching sheets and new quilted bedcover, this 1200tc cotton sateen design champions the current metallic trend.

Millennia Bed Collection

Masterson, with its wide bands of matte &; shine, is coloured in a warm bronze called Wicker. Adding this tone to a luxurious, heavily stitched and textured velvet bedcover, I found a coordinate that combined to make a truly deluxe Sheridan bed, both with a colour in step with the new winter season.

Masterson Bed Collection

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